This prestigious project was completed in 2002
One of the longest aquarium tunnel exhibits in the world
Across Continents through Worlds of Water
Bank of sand filters at Shanghai Ocean Aquarium designed by AES
120 meters of travelator passing through five contrasting marine environments
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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

This prestigious project was completed in 2002, and is located immediately adjacent to Shanghai’s most significant tourist attraction the Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong, Shanghai. The theme, ‘Across Continents through Worlds of Water’ captures the essence of the broad scope of exhibits on display in the facility.

Beginning with the China Zone, visitors pass through representative countries of South America, Australia, Africa and the temperate zones that show cold water fish and later, penguins. The sea provides the theme for the second phase of the visitor’s experience where they view some of the more unusual life from colour changing giant cuttlefish and baby sharks to the giant Japanese spider crabs and the miniature seahorses of the seaweed forest.

AES was a shareholder and design manager of Living Ocean International Pty Ltd (“LOI”) and Living Ocean International Constructions Pte Ltd (“LOIC”) who undertook the contract to design, build and commission this facility.

The climax of the visitors’ experience is the showcase oceanarium consisting of 120 meters of travelator passing through five contrasting marine environments: the Coastal Reef, the Open Ocean, the Kelp Cave, Shark Cove, and the Coral Reef. This awesome experience is one of the longest aquarium tunnel exhibits in the world.

AES is proud to have been involved with Shanghai Ocean Aquarium through their consultancy services to LOI/LOIC.


Pudong Special Development Zone

Shanghai, China

Site Area 8,400m²
Client Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Co Ltd
Project Value US$55,000,000
Construction Commenced April 1999
Completed 2002
Building Area 20,000m² over 5 Levels
System Type

Closed Recirculating System using artificial sea water

Total Volume :

4,900 m³

Major Exhibits Coastal Reef, Kelp Cave, Shark Cove 2,200 m³
Coral Reef Aquarium 700 m³
Open Ocean 330 m³
Under the Amazon 240 m³
Australian Billabong 217 m³
Under the cold water Stream 110 m³
Penguin Encounter 100 m³
Chinese Alligator – Ancient Survivor 25 m³
Endangered Chinese Freshwater Fishes 65 m³

Various small marine and fresh water aquariums

19 in total10- 50 m³ typically

Acrylic Panel


Coastal Reef, Kelp Cave, Shark Cove

180° tunnel

66.0 x 2.4mØ

Coral Reef Aquarium -180° tunnel 23.0 x 2.4mØ
Open Ocean – Flat panel 8.0 x 4.65 x 0.27m
Under the Amazon – 180° tunnel 12.0 x 2.4mØ

Australian Billabong

Inclined 180° tunnel

Flat Panel

12.0 x 2.4mØ

9.0 x 1.6 x 0.08m

Under the cold water Stream – 90° tunnel 9.6 x 0.75mR
Penguin Encounter – Flat Panel 10 x 2.9 x 0.12m

Chinese Alligator – Ancient Survivor

Cantilevered panels

5.0 x 1.83 x 0.07m

Endangered Chinese Freshwater Fishes

Flat Panels

4.2 x 2.0 x 0.09m

3.0 x 1.4 x 0.07m


Services provided included

architectural design and

documentation, co-ordination of

ASW requirements, interior design of

exhibit spaces, exhibit design,

design of graphics and interpretive

panels, preparation of tender

documentation for ASW, LSS supply and installation, rockwork and scenery,

acrylic panel and tunnel supply and installation, interiors and

special exhibitory. Contract

administration of specialist works.