View into the Open Ocean Aquarium through the world's largest aquarium viewing panel
View into the aquarium after completion
Sunken Boat Aquarium
Schooling fish aquarium
RWS MLP construction site April 2011
Pinnacle Reef Aquarium
Fresh Water Aquarium
Coral Reef Aquarium
At night the Sea Mount Room converts into an exclusive function room for VIP guests
Artificial environment in the shipwreck aquarium under construction
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Resorts World Sentosa

AES was contracted by Resorts World Sentosa in 2008 to provide a full design and consultancy service along with installation and commissioning supervision for all aquarium specialist works components of the project. This included Exhibit, LSS, Acrylic Viewing Panels, Artificial Environment, Specialist Waterproofing, Quarantine Systems, Exhibit Lighting and many aspects of specialist engineering for custom designed and built components and infrastructure. The facility was opened to the public at the end of 2012.

The Marine Life Park is arguably the largest ever built at this time consisting of 10 dolphin interactive and husbandry pools, 6 major aquariums and 48 minor aquariums. Total exhibit and husbandry water volume is over 50 million litres.

The Marine Life Park is part of an Integrated Resort which also includes a Casino, Maritime Museum, high quality spa, Universal Studios and 4 Hotels.

AES provided contract administration for all ASW.

AES worked with the client, project architects DPA Singapore, M+E engineers Beca Carter, Structural Engineer AECOM and the ASW architect Crossley Architects and many specialist contractors to deliver this amazing project.

All 48 small aquariums including acrylic viewing panels, artificial environment, specialist waterproofing and water quality designed and construction supervised by AES.