The principals of Aquatic Environmental Systems (“AES”) are members of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Zoo and Aquarium Australasia, the Australian Society of Zoo Keepers, IMATA and EAAM. We adhere to their code of ethics and husbandry standards in all designs and projects we have or become involved with.

We have managed, curated, designed, built and commissioned aquariums and marine parks for over 40 years and bring this wealth of experience, expertise and unique understanding of the many specialised requirements of these facilities to our consulting services.

The excellent design of marine parks and aquariums where education, ethical, informative and entertaining display along with efficient operation is our objective and in doing so to provide the owner with a high entertainment venue that is value engineered to the greatest extent possible.

The results of our projects to date confirm this goal and commitment to this achievement.

The design of an aquarium or marine park is more than a set of colourful artist’s impression drawings or a set of architectural plans or a set of life support systems (LSS”) drawings. It is a combination of all of these and much more, a combination to document what will become a living eco system for the animals to be exhibited and a window to and contact with the natural aquatic world for visitors for years to come.

This design documentation must capture the requirements noted above and the owner’s expectations as well as the knowledge of how to build commission and operate such a facility. The design must also be supported by experienced professionals who understand the design
imperatives through the construction, commissioning and early operations periods.

There are very few companies or individuals who have the overall experience, knowledge and understanding of what is required.
Very few designers have ever spent extended periods in an aquarium or marine park let alone ever operated one.

We operated our first aquarium 40 years ago and have been successfully designing and building them ever since.

Designing an aquarium is all about understanding the objective and teamwork. AES can provide a fully integrated aquarium, and specialist works (“ASW”) design service using its own team of engineers, architects, technicians, artists and curatorial experts, or we can work with and support other design teams to do any one of the specialist tasks, and provide general advice based on our experience and expertise.