Aquatic Environmental Systems P/L (“AES”) is a specialist company providing advice, design and development services to the local and international market. The principal of AES has over 30 years experience in this market as an operator, developer and designer and industry ties are maintained through a network of associates and active membership of industry peek bodies such as The Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks & Aquaria (ARAZPA) and the Australian Society of Zookeepers (ASZK).

By drawing on expertise gained over years of experience operating, designing and constructing aquariums, marine mammal and aquatic zoological exhibits, we can offer informed and practical design and advisory services.

AES specialises in the design of Life Support Systems and design and manufacture of LSS components and has been responsible for designing and commissioning some of the largest and most effective systems in Australia and Asia.

With larger projects we draw on expertise and output capacities of associated professionals in the disciplines or architecture, engineering, exhibit design, project management, draughting, biological/botanical science and construction. This allows us to maintain a low cost base with the capacity to provide expertise through a wide range of disciplines on large or small projects at a competitive cost.

AES’ services include:

– Conceptual design, feasibility and budgeting.

– Full design and documentation of all aspects of aquarium, marine mammal facilities and aquatic zoological displays and related facilities and infrastructure.

– Full design and documentation of life support systems and husbandry support areas.

– Design and manufacture of aquarium specialist works and life support system components.

– Design and documentation of waterproofing systems and membranes.

– Design and documentation of artificial environments.

– Design and documentation of aquarium specialist lighting.

– Design and implementation of education material and programs.

– Advice on displays and livestock procurement.

– Advice re systems integration.

– Systems Commissioning.

– Operations and maintenance manuals.

– Staff training.

– Systems review and upgrading.

– Specialist construction services (design/construct if required).

– Project management and supervision services.

– Tender documentation and review.

– Design checks and reviews.

– System testing and commissioning.

– Co-ordination of design and construction.