Close up and personal with crocodiles
Tropical fresh aquarium
Crocodile haul out area under construction
6 metre salt water crocodile
Swim with the crocs in safety
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Crocosaurus Cove Darwin, Australia

This Darwin Crocodile Tourist Facility brings Kakadu and the Kimberley into the main street of Darwin. As a tourist facility it presents the magnificent Australian Salt Water Crocodile and reptile life of these areas in realistically recreated natural environment.

AES worked in association with Crossley Architects and Burling Brown Architects.

The enclosures are designed in accordance with the latest standards endorsed by peak wildlife bodies in Australia.

The exhibits present dramatic over and under water visitor viewing opportunities, with a variety of keeper presentation, visitor interaction and interpretive scenarios. The project also interprets indigenous cultural relationships with the animals and employs aboriginal staff in presentation and cultural performance roles.

Key Project Issues

· Present large Northern Territory salt water crocodiles

· Juvenile and yearling crocodile exhibits

· Creating a rewarding environment based visitor experience and tourism business

· Incorporate animal handling and keeper safety requirements

· Maximise public safety together with their experience potential

· Appeal to an international visitor

· High traffic visitor environment

· Provide Multimedia and live animal interaction

Location: Mitchell Street Darwin
Site Area: 5,000m²
Client: Redco Pty Ltd
Project Value: AUD$12,000,000
Construction: Completed March 2008